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CAD books CADD PRIMER: computer aided design and drafting guide

CADD PRIMER is a beginner's reference book on computer aided design and drafting (CADD and CAD):

CAD is a computer graphics software that is commonly used to make architectural and engineering drawings. This book describes the general principles of working with CAD that can be applied to all the leading CAD programs.

A major portion of this book is FREE. You can download more than 70 pages of useful information that describe CAD terms, principles and applications. 

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One of the leading educational associations International Technology Education Association (ITEA) has suggested CADD Primer among the "Books to Consider" in their technology education journal: "The Technology Teacher" (Oct. 2001 issue).

This highly recommended guide to Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) is an invaluable reference for learning CADD. Whether you are planning to take formal CADD training or would just like to get a quick overview of CADD, this book is for you.

CADD PRIMER is written in such a simple format that even non- technical people can understand it. Regardless of whatever profession you come from, you will find it informative, useful and interesting. It contains concise and to-the-point information that is applicable to all leading CADD programs.

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Why this book is for you: See Preface.

Features of CADD PRIMER

  • Describes what CADD is, what it can do for you and how it is best used.
  • Introduces hundreds of common terms used in CADD.
  • Illustrates the concepts of working with CADD using a number of exercises.
  • Introduces a number of advanced techniques and shortcut methods used by professionals.
  • Contains a comprehensive listing of leading CADD programs and important CADD resources on the Internet.

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About the Author

Vijay Duggal is a graduate in architecture with more than 10 years experience using CAD in architectural firms in New York. He has put this book together after consulting with a number of CAD professionals and teachers. acknowledgments

Member: American Design Drafting Association (ADDA), CAD Society and US National CAD Standard committee of National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS).

What others are saying about CADD PRIMER

Mr. David Byrnes: CAD Systems Magazine (June 2000)"CADD Primer is a fine introduction to the field of computer-aided drafting and design. Its discipline- independent, platform-independent and program-independent coverage has something for everyone, from the prospective Pro/E modeller on her Unix workstation to the prospective FormZ designer on his Macintosh. And if you’re no longer a "prospective" CADD user yourself, you probably know someone who’s starting out in the field. Do them—and maybe yourself—a favor, and give them a copy of CADD Primer." Read complete review

Mr. Tony Zilles: Editor magazine (Oct. 2000):The CADD Primer is an ideal book for high school or college-level study of CADsystems. It is also suitable for those considering CAD for work or hobby use but who are confused or intimidated by the technology and the jargon that goes with it. The CADD Primer contains all the information that very quickly becomes second knowledge to those who use CAD systems on a regular basis. Most "old hands" learned the information the CADD Primer contains over many years. For the new recruit, the body of "must-have" basic information presents a great hurdle within itself, even before learning a particular CAD program and the discipline that you intend to use it with. All the basic information anyone could need is available, accessible and affordable in the CADD Primer. Highly recommended. Read complete review

Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin Bookwatch (August, 2001): "An invaluable, user-friendly how-to manual....CADD Primer is a unique and highly recommended addition to any professional or architectural school reference collection."

SASKATCHEWAN school system, Canada: "Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) is an essential element of drafting. This resource introduces the common principles of CADD that apply to all software packages, whether it is AutoCAD, MicroStation or Cadkey. Rather than being a how-to book, the resource is primarily useful as a reference to key principles. Information can be learned about topics such as drawing dimensions, zoom in and zoom out, erasing drawings, 3D modelling and plotting. Each topic has several line drawings and uses clear and concise writing. An index is included.
Suggested Use: Computer-Aided Drafting; Survey Course - Secondary Level. Other Use: Design Studies" Link to Saskatchewan

Prof. Eden Muir, CAD Dept., Columbia University:
“It is a useful and clear guide for a general introductory course which is not product-specific.”

Mr. James Wilson: CADD/GIS center, US Department of Defense:
“This is a good manual to use as a guide to teach someone with no CADD experience, the basic concepts of CADD. It is best when it is used before an actual application has been purchased. It meets its intended goals for its audience.”

Mr. Q. Jeffrey Ge, CAD class, State University of New York:
“I enjoyed reading the book. The material is well organized and clearly explained in layman terms.”

Prof. Bruce M. Coleman, CAD class, Syracuse University:
“This book would be helpful to any individual seeking knowledge about CAD, regardless of a formal training program.”

More that 200 references to CADD PRIMER as indexed by Google.

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