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CAD software is commonly used for drafting architectural and engineering drawings and for making technical illustrations of any kind. If you are a professional associated with design or drafting or would just like to widen your knowledge about CAD applications, then you will find this section of informative and useful.

CAD enables you to prepare fast and accurate drawings. It provides flexibility to change drawings with minimal effort. In recent years, many professionals have switched to CAD to enjoy the benefits of this precise and creative tool. Today, many educational institutions include CAD as part of their academic curriculum. As a result, CAD knowledge has become very important to all professionals involved in the field of design and drafting.

This section of Virtual Library is devoted to CAD education. This section contains links to important CAD resources associated with the CAD industry. Feel free to make recommendations to develop this section of the library further.

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Organizations associated with CAD
Internet address
ACADIA: Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
Facility Information Council (FIC) of National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS): An organization involved in developing U.S. National CAD Standards.

CAD Society home page
American Design and Drafting Association (ADDA)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers home page
(Search for word "CAD")
CADD/GIS Technology Center: A multi- agency vehicle to coordinate CADD/GIS standards used by US Department of Defense and other government agencies.
The Institute of Electrical &
Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
(Search for word "CAD")
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
(Search for word "CAD")
Computer Aided Architectural Design Research In Asia (CAADRIA Homepage)
Education in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe

CAD Research and Artificial Intelligence Links

Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA) home page
Design Technology Warehouse
(University of California)
Leading developer of intelligent CAD software using artificial intelligence. The web site includes comprehensive AI links.
Architecture and CAAD research: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
University of Sydney's Key Center of Design Computing and Cognition
An archive of hundreds of research papers on computer aided design
CAD Research Center, California Polytechnic State University
Knowledge Technologies International: Knowledge-based solutions for manufacturing
Laboratory of Design, Production and Management, The Netherlands
The University of Edinburgh, Scotland: Postgraduate courses offered on architectural design and computing
USC Advanced Design Automation Lab
(University of Southern California)
CAD Center: A postgraduate teaching & research unit Scotland.

CAD Directories, Gateways and News Centers

TenLinks: A comprehensive directory of the CAD software and services. Offers daily and weekly e-mail newsletter.
DMOZ CAD open directory: Maintains a list of CAD products in different categories

Google: CAD Directory listing CAD software and services in various categories Google CAD Directory
ECADD: A directory of CAD software, services, downloads, and tutorials
CADwire: Includes latest news of the CAD industy divided into specific categories. A resource for CAD professionals.

Important CAD Review Resources A comprehensive resource of CAD review reviews. Offers in-depth analysis for CAD professionals. Offers weekly e-mail newsletter for free subscription.
DigitalCAD: CAD industry news and reviews. Includes daily and weekly news flash focusing on different aspects of CAD industry.
CadCamNet: CAD industry news and review with prime focus on mechanical engineering and prototype analysis. Paid subscription required to read most of the reviews.
CADserver: Offers in-depth reviews on development of CAD prototypes, automation and simulation commonly used in mechanical engineering.
CAD Digest: CAD hardware and software reviews particularly intended for MCAD professionals.
CAD-Portal: Comprehensive CAD reviews available in the monthly CAD newsletter. Offers free e-mail subscription.
For additional info. See CAD Magazines below.  

CAD magazines, journals and Newsletters

CADALYST: One of the oldest CAD magazine to survive among many who failed. Available in electronic and print edition. It provides industry wide CAD reviews and analysis. You may be able to qualify for a free print edition subscription if you are a professional and you provide business information.
upFront.ezine: One of the oldest and most popular electronic CAD newsletter by a CAD industry veteran Ralph Grabowski. This weekly newsletter provides insight into the CAD industry as well as CAD industry gossip. Free subscription available.
AEC Newsroom: An on-line magazine that tells you what's happening in the CAD industry. New releases of CAD software and other CAD industry announcements. Free subscription available.
AEC Bytes: A new on-line magazine (Monthly) offers reviews of new software releases. Free subscription available.
CAD-CAM Net: An on-line magazine for CAD industry news and reviews particularly focused on mechanical CAD and engineering.
CAD User: A UK based CAD magazine available in print as well as option for e-mail newsletter subscription. Offers reviews of mechanical and AEC CAD software.
Multi-CAD: An on-line CAD publication based in Australia. It offers CAD review and important tips of CAD users. It's available only with paid subscription.
AutoCAD Magazine: An AutoCAD magazine in Spanish language (based in Spain), offers in-depth news and information about AutoCAD related topics.
CAD DIGEST: An on-line CAD magazine that offers news and information about dozens of specific CAD software organized in categories and available for free. Offers subscription to free on-line newsletter.
DE Online: Desktop Engineering magazine - available in print as well as on-line for free meeting certain criteria. An excellent resource of mechanical engineers offerings insight into various MCAD software.


CAD software programs


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