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AutoCAD Training
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Learn AutoCAD through private tutoring

This is one-on-one personal AutoCAD training proved by experienced instructors. The training is conducted remotely using live AutoCAD training sessions. You will be sitting in front of your computer and the instructor will be sitting on the other end. Using a remote live connection, you will share the same AutoCAD screen with the instructor. You and the instructor will both have control of the mouse and the keyboard and will be able to execute the AutoCAD commands and watch what happens on the screen. The instructor will be on the phone with you throughout the entire training session.

This training is based on your needs, not a pre-structured training as in a classroom environment. You decide what you want to learn, what questions to ask and the instructor guides you accordingly. If you are a beginner, the instructor will show you important tricks and illustrate the basics step-by-step. If you already know the basics, the instructor will advance you to expert level and show you how the complex projects are put together. You are basically paying instructor's time; you decide what you want to learn.

This process requires you to be proactive in learning. You can install the free trial version of AutoCAD as available from Autodesk and practice a bit on your own. When you are ready, you can join our personal AutoCAD training sessions by making the payment through the link below.

Sign up now - Payment accepted through paypal. If your are not sure how this training will work, you may ask for a live demonstration by contacting us. Be sure to include your phone number. Note: AutoCAD needs to be installed on your computer before the training. Details for the remote connection will be sent to you when you are ready. Currently this training is available on weekends and evenings (Eastern Standard Time).

Join 5 hours of personal AutoCAD training course. You may use the 5 hours in one weekend training or divide the sessions into 5 separate sessions. For direct one-on-on instruction:

Click the link below to join the AutoCAD Crash Course for: $250



This training is available worldwide. All you need a high speed internet connection and a phone line available. The instructor needs to be over the phone with you most of the time during the live work session. Phone charges will be paid by us.



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